2.26.19. Post three. ‘Percolate’.

February 26, 2019.  Tuesday.

Welcome to our Third Post & ‘Percolate’.


I am in Transition. While not totally stuck or living with Procrastination, I’m feeling very much in Transition with Progress not where I would like it to be.

Progress is being made. Maybe in ways I wasn’t thinking it would be by now. Yet doing things which bring new thoughts to mind. New ideas on how to proceed in life.

I did a project this weekend which I am happy I did & just as importantly, I am happy with & the thoughts that came with it. I’d like to share in hopes it helps someone else begin, proceed & finish.

We have three spider plants & a golden pothos that needed to get off a dresser & hung so Ralph (‘Rafe’, one of our dog-cats) would lose his grazing rights. I was determined to make the hangers, but not making any progress as the basket of hemp twine sat for awhile. A real long awhile.

I’d never made macrame hangers before & didn’t know how I was going to get the knots lined up. What I had read about the ‘how to’ seemed fuzzy to me. I wanted a better ‘how to’ with which to start. I don’t need to know everything before starting, but at minimum a good feeling is needed. I’ve since realized, I need to believe I’ve got a good start of a good process to get myself engaged. Enough to not drive myself crazy.

What I now do when faced with something I want to figure out, is to ‘tuck’ it in the back of my head to Percolate. It came to me a few years ago while I was in my studio after I had worn myself out driving myself crazy. Which felt like the only thing I was actually accomplishing at the time. Driving myself crazy while trying to figure something out. I would have a new thought, try it, hate it & me for having such a stupid idea. I swear I did that a thousand times while trying to teach myself wire wrapping for my wool jewelry. I couldn’t believe all the stupid ideas I could come up with. There were days with tears.

I now know I had to go through that whole process to be where I am. I did get an awful lot of wire wrapping ‘practice’, which turned out to be invaluable. I also emotionally exhausted myself to the point of ‘there’s got to be a better way’, which pushed me enough to want something different. In this case, pain caused gain.

I’m not exactly sure what triggered Percolate. Maybe it was the emotional exhaustion of pushing myself when I didn’t have a clue & the resultant disappointment of yet another failure. I’d had enough. Too tired to keep failing & yet not ready to give up, Percolate was another way, a new path. Faith based.

So, I relaxed & gave myself a break. Breathing space. Not the ‘hurry up & get it done’, but the ‘with patience all will be revealed’. At least enough to forestall immediate failure. Give it time. Let it Percolate.

For this project, I told myself I needed to have a good way to mark the macrame knot spots while providing a solid enough base to hold them. And then I stuck it away to Percolate. I stick it away with no worries, yet knowing it’s there. Pretty soon I can ‘hear’ the ideas, thoughts coming up & being processed. First one, … nope, not it, … then another, well, maybe, … It’s really cool when I feel the percolating going on! I love it! I relax, knowing my request will be answered. Last Wednesday was the day. I had it!

Once a ‘good process’ is in my head, it’s Go Time. I found what I needed on Thursday. On Friday I looked at the basket of hemp twine & said to myself, “I will finish this project this weekend.” And I did. Bit by bit, I got it done. Washing dishes, I would think about the next step & how I wanted that to go. I would then do it & go on to something else while figuring out the next step. I did this over & over through the weekend until the last step was to trim & hang. My third hanger was a double, so there was quite a bit of pondering for that ‘next step’. I am happy to write, three hangers were made & hung. Four plants are safe & will thrive! Hopefully!

I am writing about this today because after I’d gotten the plants trimmed & in their new homes, I had this happy feeling of accomplishment. Progress! A feeling I want to keep with me during the Transition of moving my work home. I will look at the happy plants in their new hangers & remind myself:

Begun is half done.”

Inch by inch it’s a cinch.”


Percolate is my Begun & that feels good! It is its own Progress. It will be a Good Transition!

If Percolate appeals to you, I hope you will try it & share your experience! Or if you have ‘your own thing’ that works for you, I would love to hear about it! Perhaps this has triggered an idea for you?!


Please meet Ralph (he is a ‘Rafe’ – into Everything), one of our three dog-cats. Here he is in DeeDee’s bed being, “I am Dog.” He walked into our youngest daughter’s arms on a beautiful spring day in 2014. She said, “I was just standing in the driveway. He walked up to me & asked to be picked up.” He is a talker, so I believe her. With us being in the country, I know he found her. Smart guy!

Wishing you & yours all the Blessings of Good,  Melinda