3.7.19. Post four. ‘Useful or Beautiful’.

March 7, 2019. Thursday.

Welcome to our Fourth Post & ‘Useful or Beautiful’.


3.6.19. Afternoon.

I am in Transition, the getting really messy part & at this point, things are not looking to get tidied up any time soon. It’s time for the ‘deep breath’ & gentle self words. Lots & lots of gentle self words. “I can do this. It’s all good. I chose this for a really good reason, actually many good reasons. Hang in there, it’s all good. I am going to feel so good when everything is in place. … “.

My stomach is doing flip flops right now as my studio plan for today is to start the process of moving jewelry making to the loft at home. While talking with someone yesterday, I realized I’m moving this work from a bench length of fifteen feet (‘Dorothy’ is the first work piece I made in my studio & is five feet long). The bench to the right was for rigid heddle weaving (six feet) & is where I made my bracelets. Butted up to it is my former knitting machine table (four feet) where I did my wire wrapping. (Typing ‘made’ & ‘did’ sure feels strange. Quite honestly, a little sad. I do so loved being in my studio, my own small world. But as ‘the only constant in life is change’ & ‘this too shall pass’ – all is well.)

I’ve just realized, I can use the six footer to ‘practice layout’ on! Yay! The desk at home is deeper, but this will be a great way to ‘see & be in it’ before I actually set it up at home! I’m feeling better! Perfect! Thank you, thank you Inspiration!

Today, our ‘good words’ were penned by William Morris (1834-1896), an English artist, designer, writer & socialist, who was ‘greatly influenced by visits to Iceland’ (Wikipedia.org). I think I would have liked him & am looking forward to reading more of his words. I just found another quote of his at brainyquote.com which I am including!

The first one I will tuck uppermost in my mind as I ‘sift & sort’ through  my ‘treasures’. I found this years ago in a calendar a friend had given me. I immediately tore it out & tacked it to one of my bulletin boards, where it has been ever since to be frequently read. The time has come for it to be called on with great resolve as I ask for Clarity & Decisiveness while releasing Attachment to much of what has been in my life. Some of it for quite a long while. As I am moving my work into our house, this pertains to much of my life.


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

This next one hit a ‘yes’! I think it explains my frustration when I can’t find something. I obviously wasn’t ‘present’ when I last had what I am searching for. I wasn’t ‘taking a genuine interest’ in what I was doing.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”


Looking at these together feels good! I am looking forward to my eyes & heart seeing my ‘details of daily life’ in clear, clean, uncluttered spaces. Having what I ‘know to be useful’ & ‘believe to be beautiful’ around me. No more than that. It is time to declare & claim what I want in my life.  What I want to live with & enjoy everyday.

I do believe I am up for this – what feels like a Herculean task – of truly sifting & sorting through my life. And coming out of it stronger & confident. Taking charge of my things. Not them in charge of me. To clean out, clear out all that doesn’t serve or contribute to my life.

Well, time to wrap up & begin the task at hand. I am heading to the studio. My Intention feels more clarified. Praying my words of Resolve will attach & stay with me. We will see!

Moving from:



3.6.19. 8:30 pm.

I am home & Progress was made. It turns out I’m downsizing jewelry making bench length from over sixteen feet to six! Yikes! Got the bracelet area cleared off.  That took much longer than anticipated.  Then I started the new layout. What I am most grateful for is I kept plugging away without attaching emotion to any of it. I stayed longer than I had planned, am tired, yet satisfied with today’s progress. Also, acutely more aware of just how much work this is going to involve.


3.7.19. Afternoon.

[Due to technical difficulties – my ineptitude –  “Damn it, Jim, ‘I’m a knitter, not an engineer!’.” – (sorry ‘Star Trek’, I  just couldn’t help myself!) – I got locked out of the website last night – with very sincere apologies to my webmaster, I continue on …]

This is the perfect opportunity for me to really think about what I want to do & what I want to work with – not just transfer what I have to sit & take up space – but seriously look at & determine what it is I want to spend precious minutes & hours of my life doing. To be able to feel at the end of the day, it was Good!  And tomorrow will also be Good!

As I’ve already committed to this move – mind, body & soul – & am at the point of ‘no turning back’ with huge messes both at home & the studio, I’ve got to seriously think this whole thing through, as I really, truly, sincerely do not ever want to do this again. I want to get settled – wake up in my life & go to work. There is so much that has been pulled out to go through, that even though I am (of, course, what else am I doing?!) living my life, I don’t feel like I’m living my life. I’m in transit(ion) praying I picked the right course & will arrive at my destination refreshed & ready to go. This transit(ion) time is critical for me to use wisely. My time of choices. The choices I will live with – hopefully happily – for a very long time.

As just one example, do I really, truly want to keep my polymer clay kit?  I’ve had fun with it, but is that enough?  Is it a fit & convey what Wellspring Woolens is all about?! What I am all about?! The beads I made are colorful & fun, but when I looked hard while holding them, they were nice, but didn’t mean anything real to me. No heart singing or smiling. Wow – that’s it – my heart needs to sing or at least smile! Jon & I have talked about making wood buttons from ‘Ivan’s Maple’ tree. I’m imagining what it would feel like – to cut, sand, drill, finish, attach – then hold, see, feel – ‘Ivan’s Tree’ in my hands. Yes! There it is – the connection I desire to always have & send out! This feels exciting & heart happy!  This is It – my True North – a heart that sings & smiles while I make & create! I pray I can continue to keep asking & listening to my heart. Then I can (hopefully) succeed with my Intention of discerning the Useful & the Beautiful for my life.


A beautiful, wonderful day with Ivan & his flock.  A day in Camelot.


Thank you for being here. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.  Please let me know if any of this resonates within you. I would love to hear your thoughts & feelings!

Wishing you & yours all the Blessings of Good,  Melinda